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Friendship Zone Quote Greetings, I’m Kirsten. No nickname, but feel free to try. I am finishing up a degree in Sociology, with a minor in Women and Gender Studies. My favorite season is winter, which tends to work out well, living in Montana and all. I have two cats that prefer my roommate’s company to mine. I will take cake over pie or ice cream any day. I am a geek of rather epic proportions and love sci-fi, action, kid’s movies, brit-coms, anime, books and webcomics. I like classic rock and metal, roller-coasters, cold spaghetti, and playing devil’s advocate. My hair has been known to suddenly, if temporarily, become pink and my nails, when I bother to do them, are each a different color.
IVIDEO » Nothing So Mundane: What’s wrong with the friend-zone?
Allan onto Love & Friendship
Love & Friendship But how do you make sure you don’t grow apart?
Allan onto Love & Friendship
Friendship Zone Quote And in the worst case scenario, the guy hides his feelings for this friend, until the point where she starts dating a new guy.
Lovepanky And then, he barges up to her, and tells her that he really loves her and has always loved her, and wants her to love him!
Love & Friendship And what would you do if another guy starts making a move on this girl you like?