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Last Week One Of My Best Friends Sent

How To Maintain Long Distance

Moving is never easy, especially to a different country and is even more difficult if you have friends like mine who are some of the best people on this whole planet. I’ve always known how exceptionally lucky I am to have such inspiring and beautiful people in my life but moving away has made me realise it even more. Separation is difficult but here are some tips I’ve picked up on how to maintain a long distance friendship.

If you’re walking down the street and see someone that looks suspiciously like your best friend or turn on the radio and hear a song that instantly reminds you of them take out your phone and tell them. Remind them of that time ye both danced like lunatics to that Lady Gaga song and make plans to do the exact same thing the next time you’re both together. Memories spark the best conversations and will give you a warm fuzzy feeling inside as you think of sillier times.

Whatever you do, don’t be a stranger. You’re not going to be whatsapping or texting every day but make sure to check in every now and again. Even if you don’t have any news just send a quick message to say “Hi”. Keeping the lines of communication open is the best way to ensure your friendship lasts. Of course there are those friends we all have who we may not speak to for months but the second we’re reunited it’s like nothing’s ever changed and those are just as great but whatever your frequency of communication was at home, be sure to keep that up.

Possibly the best part of having a friend that lives in a different place is the potential for visits. In college I made sure to visit each of my friends in Galway, Dublin and Cork and now that we’re all in different places again I’m doing my best to keep that up having already visited Dubai this year. It’s great to have plans and make time for each other. While it’s not always easy to get the money together or find a time that suits you both it’s definitely worth it. You’ll get to see the new life your best friend is creating for themselves and spend some real time together.
Friendships are so unique and important and if you’re lucky enough to have the right people around you who support you no matter what make sure you hold on to them. Contact doesn’t have to be 24/7 but it does need to be there even if it’s a quick ‘Miss you’ text. I love and miss my friends everyday and I’m making new ones here that I know are going to be just as important and that’s pretty cool too but the thing I’m looking forward to the most this year is the big reunion I’m already planning in my head for Christmas! Organised as ever!

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