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About Us

Hello, my name is Eugene, the main purpose of this blog is entertainment as well as providing you with amount of interesting and relevant information.

We have created and still developing the system of sorting and selecting of most interesting content on the web. Our algorithm is filtering out most interesting and relevant sites only, and then representing its information in our unique way. So you may look at known topic with different angle or may notice an aspect you never seen before.

Some features we want to implement on this site in the future:

- combine most relevant information on single post extracted from multi sources

- possibility to correct content by end user, from front-end interface

- self learning semantic algorithm

- separate content to "fluid" blocks, what can be sortable according its relevance to query

- deeper social integration

- other features we don't know yet, we are always in search of new ideas and its implementations.

We want you to have an agreeable experience, while visiting this site. We would appreciate, if you could contribute to us as much feedback as you possibly can.

If there is anything you would like to see on this site, or something you just do not like, do not hesitate to contact us with more details.

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Thank you for visiting our site,
Eugene A. – Admin & CEC™