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All My Friends Are Jealous

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After I met you, I found life and a reason to live it. Your smiling face means the world to me. Please gift my world to me by being mine forever.
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All my friends are jealous because I have such a loving and wonderful person like you in my life. Let's enjoy our togetherness to the fullest, darling. I love you!
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Baby you are in my every thought,
You are my life, you are my soul,
Can't think of a day without you,
In my life, you play the most imperative role,
Baby I can't really live without you now,
I don't know why or how,
But, I need to be with you this way,
And to start with, I wanna say,
I truly love you!
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Baby, you make me feel special,
With your passion that surrounds,
I feel so special,
Because of your love that is around!
I love you sweetheart!

Cuddling and sleeping with the one you love is better than going for the most elaborate parties and the finest luxurious vacations. I love you baby.
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Each time you close your eyes, I am the one who is blinded by everything else around us. All I can think of is kissing you. I think I am slowly falling in love with you.
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Even after all these years together I get goose bumps when you look into my eyes. I feel like a teenager gushing with love every time I see you. You make me forever youthful. I love you!
Every day I pray for your success, prosperity and happiness because my happiness lies in yours. Love you darling.
Every moment spent away from you feels like a thorn digging deep into my heart. Come closer and make the thorns go away sweetheart. You are the rose of my life!

2 comments for “All My Friends Are Jealous

  1. November 28, 2013 at 11:26 am

    Hold my hand, Touch me so soft, Kiss me with passion, As your heart fills with compassion, And I wish the moment stops by, Just you and me, under the moonlit sky, Oh! I love you so much, My love for you is such, That I can’t stay without you!

  2. March 16, 2014 at 3:04 am

    Everyday with you feels like a dream. No matter where I go or what I do, you are the last thought that puts me to sleep each night and the first thought that wakes me up every morning. I love my life because, it has you.

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