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Before You Expect Other People To Respect And Love You The Way They Should,

If you want to be loved, you shouldn’t doubt you are lovable. If you demand respect, you shouldn’t doubt you’re respectable. Believe in yourself first,

The lover had huge hopes and dreams with the thought of being in love. However, the reality was

Valentine’s week is no less heavenly experience for lovers. Each of us wait for this very special week and can’t just let it go like other time of the year. We are trying our level best to make all of you smile by presenting these beautiful quotes on valentine’s week days.
The irony of being in love is that sometimes when you’re in love, you tend to assume that the other person also feels the same even if it’s not really true. You give color to whatever that person does, and see love in every act. The illusion makes love visible, even if it’s not there »more

Inspiring Beautiful Collection of 15 Long Distance Relationship Quotes in video format.
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