After Drake Expressed His Lack Of Desire For

Hmmm… Interesting. I took some time scrolling through my contacts and did just that, reevaluated the friendships in my life. One in particular stood out the most. I felt that I had given all into this so-called friend and in return had receivedĀ nothing, oh there was one thing I got, fucked over. Over and over again. I’m pretty sure your baffled as to why I remained in such a one-sided friendship but I couldn’t explain it. I cared for this friend, wanted the best for them, and if there was anything I could do for them I probably do it, but at what expense?

I always reach out to others in attempts to gather different perspectives and I came across Erika*. Erika decided to share her experiences with me on also being in a one-sided friendship.
“I was friends with Mike* for like 8 years. We did have a physical relationship but I never saw him as anything more than just my friend,” she said. “There was times when he had a girlfriend and I had a boyfriend but we still kinda kept our relationship the way it was, friends with benefits. But it took me forever to realize that we weren’t friends at all. OurĀ ‘friendship’ was based on convenience, I was always available to him and I guess I started to realize that regardless of how much I thought he was a friend to me, I was pretty much a doormat to him.”

I’m sure at one time or another we all felt like someones doormat, but anyone you consider a friend probably shouldn’t evoke that kind of emotion.