Friendship Quote Huck Finn

Friendship Quote Huck Finn “Wait, are you going to read my book before I do?
Voreblog Moments after dropping Sam and Leo off with Erin’s parents, as we pulled out of the neighborhood and considered that we would now have the next twenty-eight hours without kids, Ben turned to Erin and said, “To quote Dr. Leo Marvin in What About Bob?: Free.”
Friendship Quote Huck Finn UPDATE!: We have somehow graced the front page of the Ohio Valley Bike MS recap. As our friend (and Bike MS PR person/live-tweeter) Andrew Cashmere would say, “Boom.”
Friendship Quote Huck Finn You asked how to make this friendship healthy, and unless I'm missing anything here, I think it already is. I don't think there's anything categorically bad about a relationship in which a guy and a girl are close and flirtatious, no matter how similar the color of their notebooks. I only think it becomes a problem when one person (statistically, the guy) starts to think the friendship is going someplace it's not. As long as you're both cool with this friendship as it is, and "eating cereal" isn't some horrible euphemism I am too old to know, I don't think there's anything you really have to change. If you're not doing anything that would make steam shoot out of the girlfriend's ears, I think you're just fine.
Community Have you ever been in a similar situation, Sparklers? Do YOU think it's possible for guys and girls to have platonic friendships?
Friendship Quote Huck Finn My question to you is how can I make this friendship healthy?