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Free Printable Valentine Cards For Kids

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The best sort of paper to print onto is card stock or heavy grade photo paper. If you don't have either of those then regular paper will be fine too. If your printer won't fit card stock then you can always print onto regular paper and then glue onto card stock afterwards.
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Once you've printed out the card then you'll need to cut it out and fold it once. I recommend using a ruler and craft knife to cut out the card so that you get a really straight cut. You could also use a guillotine if you have one.
Printable Valentine Cards For

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These cute teddy bear buddies are adorable, and a sweet valentine to give to little friends!
Picture Friendship Quote Printable

Friendship Quote Printable

This little fairy just wants to say "Wishing you lots of love on Valentine's day!"

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Just a little note to let you know that "Some Bunny Loves You!"

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