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Good Friends Are Like Stars

We Spend All Our Lives Meeting

We spend all our lives meeting people. Some with whom we get along with from the word go, others who we become acquaintances with and a few more with whom we form deeper friendships thus making different types of friends at every stage. Friends play an important role in helping us to think beyond ourselves, and to realise others desires and needs. Yet there is something else about the childhood friendships we have shared with our classmates in school. And I find that each time I interact with mine. Here’s the reason why it got me started on this post with you.
We Spend All Our Lives Meeting

It was like any other day when I woke up yesterday morning. I got my cup of chai ready and sat down to surf the internet, when I heard my phone ring. ‘6.30am? Who could that be?’ I wondered. I was met with the most wonderful surprise when I saw the FaceTime caller ID. It was an old school friend whom I had not seen or spoken to in almost 28 years! While the call was connecting, I sat there in anticipation wondering what it was all about.
So… let’s get back to this FaceTime call yesterday morning. As soon as the video started, I first saw one big smile, and then gradually the smiling faces of many other friends appeared. I felt like I had been taken back in time (on my Magic Carpet ride!). They all looked just as they did back in school (with of course the minor changes here and there). All I could do was exclaim in happiness as I greeted each one individually. Then came the seconds of happy silence that took us right back to the classroom. There were no awkward feelings at all.

A few quick catch-ups later, it was already time to say bye. When I reluctantly put down the phone, memories of school came back in my mind. Conversations, fun, laughter, crazy moments, tears, arguments, fights (yes them too), picnics, and so many more moments jumped right back at me from a time spent in the past. Of course nostalgia took over and why wouldn’t it? There’s something about our school days. The friends we grew up with and spent so much time with, creating unforgettable memories in our youth.
What about the exciting moment at seeing each other in person after so many years? Meeting my two school friends here in Australia was one reunion I cannot forget. One friend flew down from The United States with her family for a visit and came to Melbourne especially to meet our other classmate and family and long with mine! I can assure you our heartbeats were jumping faster than normal in excitement at that moment when the three of us met. Once our families had met and our kids went off to play as they all got along like house on fire, the three of us sat down to chat. Even though I know that people can change physically over time, friendships never seem to change. We were able to laugh at old jokes and relive numerous memories over our progression from kids to teenagers.
So what’s the link that bonds us school friends forever ? Growing up, we learnt from each other about trust, families, experiences; the support we gave each other while going through life’s ups and downs – our friendships grew along with us! I think we became a family without even knowing it.

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  1. December 6, 2012 at 12:06 pm

    Today we all find ourselves in the role of a parent, a daughter/son in law, a professional but when it comes to being with a classmate, we know we will not hesitate go back to being with them for what we truly are – friends for life. What a blessing it is to be able to have a special link to a period back in time which is a very special part of our lives…childhood and growing up!

  2. January 25, 2014 at 1:52 am

    Of course nostalgia took over and why wouldn’t it?

  3. Love & Friendship
    March 22, 2015 at 3:24 am

    Back in the 80s, we still wrote letters, address books were treasured and to speak with someone you actually had to call them, remember?

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