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Happy Friendship Day 20132

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But what does all of this personality stuff mean to me in relation to another person? By more or less dissecting a person’s personality type you can figure out who you’re more likely to get along with. Knowing how someone is going to react to a situation or why certain things bother others is a very important part of understanding people as a whole. This is also where the saying “opposites attract” is often used. It’s generally thought that people seek out those opposite of them because by finding their opposite they’re more or less “completing” themselves as a person. THIS IS NOT A HEALTHY WAY OF THINKING ABOUT A RELATIONSHIP. Saying that your close friend or significant other “completes” you makes it seem like you’re less of a person on your own which is far from the truth.
All of this talk about personality types and traits can be really fun and interesting to learn, laugh, and think about, but they shouldn’t limit you in who you engage in a relationship with. Like my fellow blogmates have said before me, there are many different reasons as to why we are attracted to other people whether it be our smell or how we perceive our relationships romantically or sexually, but what keeps relationships going is understanding and communication. The Truth About Compatibility is an article that I have read multiple times and found very helpful. It talks about how compatibility doesn’t really exists, but the willingness to understand each other is what keeps a relationship going regardless of what box some personality inventory puts us in.

According to all the personality charts and horoscope post I see on a daily basis, I shouldn’t be friends with 3/4 of the people I hang out with because they are very opposite of me in many ways. Sure we argue over little things sometimes and get mad at each other for a few days, but what keeps us together is the fact that even though we fight we still care about each other and want to make things work between us.

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