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“If variety is the spice of life, enjoyment of a variety of different foods has to top the list.”  (Late Blooms)

Food is near and dear to the hearts of most people. If we have enough or more than enough, we’re grateful and happy. If we have very little or just enough to get by, all our energy is directed to the acquisition of this precious life-giving commodity. This is true for all cultures and peoples on earth.

 When we come together as people, irregardless of our beliefs, faith, education, conditioning, or other proclivities, food is always an essential part of our celebrations. A simple home-made meal, restaurant food, or a big banquet is what keeps body and soul going, day by day – and meal by meal. Since food is life-giving, these collages are all about food. Enjoy!
From my first trip to Thailand, I fell in love with Thai cuisine. The unique flavors and spices along with fresh ingredients made all the dishes mouth-watering. “A large container of rice is always the centerpiece. Surrounding the large central bowl of rice there will be several dishes offering a balanced selection of flavors and textures. In addition to the rice, a typical meal might include a soup (Tohm Yaam), a curry (Gaeng), fresh vegetables (Yaam), a fried dish (Phad), a spicy hot dipping sauce (Naam Prig) and a steamed one. The soup is served together with the other dishes whereas western customs is to serve the soup before.”

This collage shows some Thai soups,  a chicken curry dish, a shrimp dish, and mango salad. Thai food is not only delicious but there’s great artistry where presentation is concerned.
The Young Thailand  Restaurant serves their Pad Thai wrapped and we all had guesses as to what the wrapping was and discovered it was egg when we ate it. That’s on the top left. The picture (top right) is an appetizer plate. The decor here is lovely too – very Thai.

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