Friendships A Nurse's Wildflowers


Today I was reminded of how important friendships are. It’s been a stressful year for me. It seems that the last few years I have gotten in such a habit of busy-ness that keeping up on friendships has been a last priority. Personally, I think that is one of the side effects of the world we live in. I also think it was one of many contributing factors to why I got burned out at work.
Life is all rush, rush, rush. And when we are very busy, whether we are stay at home moms or work long hours elsewhere, we just lose the motivation and interest to do anything else that we don’t really have to do – including maintaining friendships. Long gone are the days of high school when keeping friendships seemed so much easier.

I have forgotten what it feels like to have a close friend that I can really talk to, trust, and depend on. Of course, I have my husband – who I talk to a lot and I am blessed to be able to call him my true best friend. But talking “girl talk” with the hubs is just not the same. And besides, sometimes I really just need to process stuff away from him – no one is perfect and sometimes my marriage is the reason I really need to talk. And on a side note, our conversations always morph into guy talk….
Most of my old friends have moved away or moved on and made new friends because I was too busy for them. I have a couple of friends who have just as much busyness going on that understand though. We can get together after not seeing or really talking to each other for a long time and start right back off where we left like we’ve been connected the whole time.
Having REAL friendships in life tend to come far and few between. We may have a specific friendship for a year or two and then we are “traded in” for the new model…. I see this a lot, especially with couples who hang out with other couples.
Or we may have several “acquaintance” type friendships that never gain any true worth. These types of friendships can be very exhaustive. And Proverbs 18:24 backs this up, “A man of many companions may come to ruin…”