Mother’s Day is one of the few occasions we slow down & let our mothers know how much we appreciate them. As a child, I planted flowers for my mom on Mother’s Day that she could enjoy throughout the year. It was a small opportunity for me to thank her for selfless & unconditional love. I also like to take advantage of Mother’s Day to celebrate my friends, who while are busy moms themselves, make time & share that same selfless love in our friendship. I have created a beautiful homemade Mother’s Day gift basket filled with everything she needs to enjoy a beautiful & relaxing day.

A friend of mine shared this beautiful quote from Abe Lincoln. “All that I am or hope to be, I owe to my angel mother.” It’s so true! I wrote this on kraft painter’s paper using my how to fake calligraphy technique. I adhered it with double sided tape & adorned it with a pinch of lilac.
Mo's Day Gift Basket
Baskets almost always require something to give the items that fill them a little height. I love using dried moss. It’s a neutral color & a pretty filler that’s firm. You can easily cut it to size & disperse as needed.