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Form and space is one of the basic principles in design and can be thought as positive and negative aspects. In the foundation year at design school we were made to focus on using negative spaces effectively. The effective placement of objects in relation to surrounding negative space is essential for success in a composition. Musicians also intuitively understand this, as the space between notes being important and the notes itself.

When we learn to own up to our story, we can begin to allow ourselves to live the life we truly want.Acceptance is the first step in allowing all the good to flow. We learn to take responsibility for every aspect and gain a proactive nature that’s needed on the path of excellence. We allow ourselves to deserve happiness in this moment, as it is. No conditions attached.More often than not the only person that stands in the way of living upto our expression is only us! We may not be doing the right things for our growth because we have barriers/limits we have set up along the way.
As I’ve said before the single most thing everyone wants is validation which drives them, to do what they do. And happiness is allowing of that deep inner sense of approval and fulfillment in the moment. Awareness is the first step to acceptance of all the good around.

Once you begin to create more spaces and less clutter, you can begin rearranging elements in your canvas of life. Silence and stillness are the solution to almost anything. Because from that space, answers arise.

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  1. May 10, 2012 at 5:40 am

    My life purpose is contribution and helping uplift the quality of people’s lives. I am thankful of having been through a myriad of experiences that catapulted straight me on the spiritual path.

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