May God Smother You With

sympathy messages for loss of husband

The pain of losing someone can never be compensated no matter what. However these few words of sympathy will at least ease the burden of pain off your loved ones who have lost someone close to them.
He may not be there with you in person,
But, his love will always stay beside you, around you
To protect you through,
Very sorry to hear about this news!
May God ease the painful period for you,
Stay strong!
He must have gone away. But, he's still right next to you. Love never dies. All I can say is, please take care of yourself.

He was an amazing friend, husband and exceptional human being
A great soul, may he rest in peace
Sorry to hear about this news
We stand with you in this hour of need!

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I know he was so special to you. I know how much you loved him. But, I guess God loved him even more. That is why he has called him up there in heaven to watch your back from above.

Just remember that I am always there for you, I promise. Please take care of yourself. Be strong for the sake of the others who also love you.
Look back at the time
Memories always remain in life
Even death can't do it apart
Sorry to hear about your husband
My heartfelt condolences are with you and your family!
Love always remain eternal with time
Its just soul that changes
Sorry to hear about the huge loss
Please stay strong for all those who need you!

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