I Am The Queen Of All Things

Guest post by Din Moses, the most talented poet I have had the privilege of knowing. Enjoy his skill in coming up with thought provoking poems.

Bob Marley for the reggae
Tupac for the Hip Hop
MauMau for independence
Echoes for Reasons in four Seasons
For 1994, my birth year and all those years to the day I became a troubled man.
For the banging of Mollis to the cloud nine of Brother Ocholla,
For the fame of Huddahs and Veras,
The world will talk and in the talk they will talk and talk, but in deep in your heart you know the White and the Black.
I discovered a new thing under the sun or should I say the “el-ninyo “.So in my previous blog post, I mentioned that I want to use words to show my vulnerability. This means I will showcase how much of an imperfect person I am by breaking down the walls I have built over the years thus #Winfreyunmasked.