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Moving In Living With Best Friend New Apartment

Rooming With Your Bff: A Guide To Your Best, Most Drama Free Year Yet Her Campus

Late August is just around the corner, which means move-in day with your BFF. You couldn’t be happier. From the day you signed your housing agreement, you knew your roommate horror stories of freshman year were over.
To strengthen your friendship and lock in a great school year, it’s important to set some roomie guidelines and stick to them. But don’t worry--HC’s got your back. When it comes to college roommate situations, we’ve heard it all, like roommate horror stories. Follow our steps and living with your bestie will be smooth sailing this year.

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When you live with your best friend, you will always learn new things about her, no matter howwell you knew her before. Maybe she cuts her toenails in the middle of the living room floor. Maybe she’s a stickler when it comes to washing dishes. Maybe she sings “Time After Time” whenever she cooks. And believe me, listening to a girl sing to her eggs when you’re trying to cram on the morning of a big exam can take some adjusting to. Unfortunately, there is no way to put this adjusting process in slow-mo; like it or not, from move-in day on you will be bombarded with your BFF-turned-roommate’s habits, and she with yours.
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Living with your bestie is going to bring on almost as many surprises as living with a stranger would. But unlike moving in with a rando, moving in with your BFF gives you a head start on communication. So even though your roommate is your best friend and you get along great, take the time to set ground rules before the semester begins—it’ll be so much easier to make concessions with her than it would be with a total stranger. Trust me: later in the semester when you see your friends struggling with their roommates’ weird habits, you will think to yourself, Well, they should’ve talked about these issues beforehand!

After you’ve moved your boxes in to your new place, take a look around and say to your BFF:“Hey, I think it’d be great if we could sit down for ten minutes and chat about our expectations for this place, and set a few ground rules. This way we can avoid having minor conflicts blow up into huge fights!”

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    July 21, 2013 at 7:01 am

    But how do you make sure you don’t grow apart?

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