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My Best Friend

My Best Friend

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My Best Friend

Man is a social animal.He cannot live alone,he develops relation with fellow beings.He makes friends.
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"A man without friend is just
like a body without soul."
A true friend is a blessing of God.Sometimes w are prosperous and another time we are miserable as beggars.In such occasions a true friend is like a medicine of life.
My Best

"A friend is a one who makes
you happy when you are sad,
a friend is a one who makes you,
who incourage you when you
are discourage."

It can be understood as the best kind of social behaviour ahich creates an atmosphere of happines.Allah know people need companionship.He knows that people need someone whose thoughts are always near.So he created a relationship of friendship.
"A hand full of friends is better than bag of gold." A true friend is such a gift who listens and try to understand us.care for us.We daily meet different people but everone has a special one with whom we share all our matters easily.I a thankful to God,He bless me such a good friend.I have found all the good qualities of a sincere fellow in my friend,Saba.She is my classfellow.She comes af a very noble and educated family.She is a girl of medium height.She is healthy but very active.A pleasant smile always plays on her face.She has good manners which inhance her beauty as someone said,
"Manners are like ornaments which
beautify the personality of the wearer
and depict his taste." A friend ear is soothing balm for us.She always stands by me in time of need,proving that "a real friend is one who walks in when the rest of the the world walks out."I can share all my secrets with her.She gives me guidness.My friend is a good muslim.After morning prayer,she recites the Holy Quran daily.She is very sympathic and kind hearted girl.She often lend to the needy students an never demand back.She is a good student.She scores good marks in all the subjects.
In short my friend has all the good qualities of good human being.HAving all the good qualities,she is also a naughty fellow.Sometimes she gives such a funny points that we can't help laughing.I feel bless in her company.

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