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Permanent Link To Missed But Never Forgotten

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In stand of my mind i coming to chose to go away move on a new fresh start…and new fresh me a new life a new destination where i can free my self of all this miserable point of where u cant get simple day dream not only that u can just sit and watch how all going a part…starting from family….friends…relationships…all of things……….i had thinking tonight thinking so much as now or never and my tears coming down when i writhing this words…. its braking down…

A new plan a new life with new hope this is where u need to turn the page that the times are different its not the good days anymore…only bad and worse.

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I have come at the end no tears to stand no pain to hold just the memory’s to be told but us much i try to get over and pass by its like knife in my heart and try to walk blind its hard to think how love this days is there is no anymore point of waiting its like wasting of damn time…and i why i still believe in it why i still keeping my heart hurting it and without no reason when i have loved so much and not to be loved so much back when i given so much and get so lees in return em i cursed em i so damn doomed in this love time did i not learn from all the pain what everyone give me and i still still doing the damn mistake over and over and ooover again…em i so open to all of it em i easy to be em i so f…. different of u, i am juts like u…but….not with same¬†thoughts…u love me but i love u more…u send me kisses but i send u gifts and hearts…and now….what i have is a silent. the worst thing what u can imaging from all the time wile i still hoping and sending and all what i given…silent….

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1 comment for “Permanent Link To Missed But Never Forgotten

  1. October 4, 2012 at 10:54 am

    I never hold some one and i never will i am who i am i will keep holding my broken heart how it is maybe its too much but i hold it anyway if need i will keep my self broken till the dark catch me and put me to sleep…I am not child anymore i don’t wont to play…just some one to love me back….Life cant be liven alone…life is to share not to be with your own…

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