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Quote If You Have A Positive Attitude And Constantly Strive To Give Your Best

One Man's Journey From 400 Pounds To

My favorite part of the episode with Damien was the talk that he had with Jessie about the passing of his mother. I could not understand what Damien went through more , I always struggled with my weight but in the years after my father passed I put on 100 pounds. If you don’t let go and forgive yourself you only harm yourself and I think Damien finally realized that in this episode. You have to be able to realize that the last thing in this world your loved one would want would be was for you to beat yourself up and hurt yourself. They want you to be the best you , that you can be and never settle for anything less. Seeing Damien and his kids was also a very cool thing , like Jessie said Damien has 7 reasons to get his health in order he needs to be there for his kids. His mother would want that also.

The first thing that stood out this week was Dolvett’s interaction with Blake. I can’t imagine what it feels like for her being 18 years old and feeling like she has to go to the Biggest Loser to get her weight and her life back in order. I think that Dolvett saw the 18-year-old in Blake come out in the gym and then after the fact he was able to break down the walls and get down to the core of who Blake is as a person. It was incredibly sad to hear Blake say that she has never felt good enough even when she got down to 150 pounds.
I think what Blake will find as she continues on this process is that , it’s not that you’re not good enough for everyone , that’s really just your mind playing tricks on you! As the episode went on you could already see that spark in Blake come back and as I have mentioned before on here that “lightbulb’ moment happened where she just gets it. I hope for Blake that she has truly gotten it because she is only 18 and she truly has her entire life in front of her still , Blake is a very beautiful girl and she deserves to have a happy life and hopefully after this show she’ll believe it too!
I loved the challenge this week because of what it represents not only in weight loss but in life. So often in many areas in our life we let excuses get in our way of living up to our potential or being the best person we can be. I know I absolutely do this and am guilty of doing this a lot. The metaphor of the contestants breaking through the wall of each excuse whether it was Food or Work or whatever your excuse may be was really cool for me. I really think that’s the attitude you have to take not only if your on a weight loss journey but in life also. You can’t just accept that ” I’m just gonna be big ”  or  ” I’d love to lose weight but I just don’t have the time” or maybe it’s something else like life , you don’t have to be someone  that lies or hurts people just because someone did it to you or you’ve always been that way. Every day is a chance to wake up and be different and stop being the person you’ve been to this point and stop listening to excuses.

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    So where do the limitations actually exist or are there not any limitations?

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