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Quotes About Lost Love Coming Back

Love Is A Feeling Which Is A Core

Love and life are closely linked with each other. In life conditions keep on changing. We can say that life is like a weather. As the weather changes suddenly, same is the case with life. Sometimes a person expects different and the things which happen are totally different. A person cannot fulfill his all desires and dreams. Patience and control is the key thing.
Quotes About Lost Love Coming

People comes in life and departs. No one in this world lives for ever. But it is important that whatever time we have in this world, we should spent with love and care. Those moments are lovely when our dear ones who have left us come back. This is the best day when we get our love. Love is the companion which travels with us throughout the life. So if we have gotten our love, we are the lucky person.
Love Is A Feeling Which Is A Core

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Quotes About Lost Love Coming

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