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“Reflections” Note Cards By Divoran Lites

Posts About Friends Written By Linda Lewis

Posts About Friends Written By Linda Lewis

I buy some of their things, whenever I can justify spending the money, and they enjoy special places in my home. I love it when I wear jewelry made by one of ‘my’ artists. I receive lots of compliments, and I can tell them about the person behind the jewelry, give them a business card, and hope they’ll come visit us.
Recently I lost one of my artists. Leon Holecheck was such a talented man. He loved everything about circuses, but especially the clowns. I was honored to carry note card packages made from his work. DiVoran and Bill Lites were friends of Leon and I listed his work through their efforts. When he died, we made the hard decision to remove his work from Creative Artworks. One lady ordered a commemorative collection of his note cards, which we were able to fulfill.

When I sent them the order, I also asked to order one of DiVoran’s note card packages for myself. She paints watercolors the way I wish I could, and I’m very proud to display her work on the site. DiVoran refused to take my payment for the cards, generously thanking me ‘for all I do.’  (Little does she know I would do this just for the joy of it, even if I never made a penny…)
To say I’ll think of her and her generosity every time I write someone using these note cards is a real understatement. I’m thankful to know DiVoran and her husband Bill. I’m proud to display her work for sale. I feel so rich in friends!

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  1. September 8, 2013 at 9:46 am

    What better job could a person have?

  2. Friendship Quote Very Short
    November 10, 2013 at 11:12 am

    As long as I can rattle off what I’ve done today, I have to have been good, right?

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