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Snoopy Quote On Gratitude

Children's Cartoons Are Full Of Life Wisdoms

Cherish your relationships. Life is all about having positive relationships. Really cherish the connections you have with people and show them that you care. They will celebrate your successes with you, they will support you through tough times, and they will make you laugh – and you will do the same for them.

Live in the present. Research around mindfulness and living in the moment have suggested that focusing your mind on the task in hand makes you happier and more productive. Reminiscing about pleasant experiences in the past and anticipating positive things in the future can also have some positive impact, but it seems enjoying the present moment has the most positive effect on happiness overall.

Make your positive impact on the world by being a great friend. Closely related to point 3, being a great friend will not only make you feel better and create a great support network around you, but you will also make your positive mark on the world. The ripple effect applies even in happiness so if you’re happier and help your friends be happier, they’ll be happier and help their friends be happier – and so on until 6 degrees of separation.

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