That ‘Ball Of Light’ Is Ventus’s Heart. His Body Lost Its Ability To Connect

Posts About Quotes Written By Venn Morgan

Posts About Quotes Written By Venn Morgan


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I had to share this quote because this is one of the saddest lines in the game series. You wouldn’t think so just looking at the last line, but when you consider that all of Roxas’s life has been this one summer vacation, at least to his memory, it means that he’s saying that his life is over but that he’ll let Sora take him back. Remember that Roxas is a Nobody and so holds Sora’s memories but not his heart. They became separated when Sora used the Dark Keyblade Ansem had forged to release Kairi’s heart (inadvertently turning himself into a Heartless; hey remember how Nobodies are formed, when people with strong hearts become Heartless? Wow, how convenient!).

Roxas understands, in this last scene, that he must return to Sora and give up his happy life in Twilight Town. The way the line is delivered, too, is emotionally charged and brilliant. It’s a poor-quality video, but here:


  1. Remember that Kingdom Hearts lives on in the hearts of children, now that it’s locked away. So children’s hearts have exceptional powers. Sora healed Ventus’s heart in the beginning of the game (when Master Xehanort ripped all the darkness from his then-apprentice to try and forge the Kaiblade, the truly ultimate weapon of Kingdom Hearts), and then helped him to heal again by providing him with shelter for close to ten years.

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