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The Art Of Saying Goodbye

The Art Of Saying Goodbye The Odyssey

We experience millions of goodbyes in our lifetime -- from little ones we might not notice to ones that completely change our lives. And they’re not all bad. Goodbyes come in all shapes and sizes, and they’re not exclusively sad or happy experiences.
The Art Of Saying Goodbye The Odyssey

In the past year, I’ve experienced several types of goodbyes that have changed my life. I've said goodbyes to toxic relationships, to friends who go to different colleges, to deceased classmates; I've bid bittersweet farewells that are out of my control; finally, I've said smaller goodbyes to beautiful places I’ve left and to family that I’ll see again in a few hours. Goodbyes are a part of life.
Our mindset, however, is a vital part of how we handle them. They can be excruciating experiences or opportunities to begin again, and they can teach us more about ourselves than hellos ever could. The art of saying goodbye is something that cannot be mastered, and it isn't something that should be easy to do anyway. And that's okay. Our lives are filled with so many exceptionally unique situations that there isn't a universal "best" method to handle this part of life. Although this is true, I've found that a positive mindset helps the situation immensely.

Authors and lyricists have spent their lives capturing moments of saying goodbye, and I hope they change your perception of goodbyes from one of dread to something more positive, as they did for me. To more poetically express the meaning and significance of ‘goodbye’ and ‘farewell’ than I can, here are the most beautiful quotes and lyrics about saying goodbye:
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I hope that these changed your mindset when dealing with goodbyes and they make it easier the next time that one inevitably appears in your life.
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    Who can say if I’ve been changed for the better?

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