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The Vivienne Files: Problem Solving From A New Point Of View

The Vivienne Files: Problem Solving From A New Point Of View

I can think of about a zillion cases where this is true. one of my faves: when one of my friends was left by her chronically unfaithful husband (who took half the furniture and housewares), she said "At least the house looks better."
I have "considered the possibility of removing something, instead."
I am removing my house from my life. Then I'll have close to perfection.
Your comments reminded me of my working days - the corporate answer to everything was another meeting! I wish I could have all those hours back.
Anyway, yes, wise words that could be applied to a closet, an outfit, a menu, a calendar, a lifestyle. I would replace "perfection" with joy or tranquility - we each fill it in as we please.

Dearest Janice, this post really hit home for me. In my mid-thirties, I modeled for a wonderful artist (the Philadelphia Museum of Art displayed some of his lithographs), and I asked him how he knew when a work was finished (i.e., perfect), and he said, "I know when adding the smallest brush stroke would diminish everything I have done."
Cheers, M-T

I love this post, Janice. I've stopped reading blogs that my feed sends me which are wholly "Whee, I Got (Another). ", and am strict about the something in = something out rule. As the child of a Depression-era mother, getting rid of something "perfectly good" is still hard, though!
This is also great advice when composing a picture. Sometimes Less is More. Photographer Friend

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  1. Love & Friendship
    September 27, 2012 at 9:25 am

    Instead of adding another class, therapy, charity, reading club, sports group, etc, how about opening up time for yourself?

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