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What I’M Learning About Mom Friends, From A Christian Mom

Even Though My Firstborn Will Be Two Years

Even though my firstborn will be two years old in a couple months, I’m newly discovering the world of “mom friends.” We lived out of the USA until just recently and I’m trying to put my finger on this area of emotions, this challenge and this privilege I now have to connect with others in my time of life.
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However, we moved back to an area where we knew lots of people before our time in South America. And many of us have had kids! I now havemom friends! It’s something I always wished for — ladies my own age with kids around my kids’ ages. In Quito, I would have occasional lonely days, feeling sorry for myself…and then I’d “splash some water on my face,” so to speak, and snap out of it. God had placed us there and that’s really all the encouragement I needed to keep a’going.
Even Though My Firstborn Will Be Two Years

When we moved back toward the end of summer, this one particular group of friends met weekly in the park. I was so excited to finally take part in that! And then I started going and, well, it wasn’t always as “magical” as it sounded (the grass is always greener, right?). It seemed I always had to be away from the group because my young toddler son wanted to play in another area.
I was feeling overwhelmed at the sudden influx of friends. I was also exhausted with the making of new ones. That is surely not the best way I could word that, but trust me, the biggest downside for moving a lot (for me anyway) is having to re-make friends. It’s not a fast thing for my type of personality.
I had a lot on my plate…but who doesn’t? Friendship Quote Lewis

Friendship Quote Lewis

That’s the way I’ve begun to see this whole new scenario in my life.
Do you have friends that you can text or call on a hard day? I am very thankful that the Lord has given me some of these friendships as I have become a mom. I have a handful of friends that I can text and request prayer from anytime I need to. I also have friends who are willing to come over or meet up so our kids can play and I can get a break. Don’t have those kind of friends yet? Then, start by being one of those friends. As believers, we are called to bear one another’s burdens and share in one another’s joy…
I am thankful I have friends, to an extent, that fall in this category — ladies who I can request prayer from and who I pray for when asked. Ladies who would definitely help me watch my kids if I asked. But I’m also challenged to even more solidify this type of friendship. It seems vitally important to have support outside your home since we are all in this world together. We need each other! C.S. Lewis said:

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    In the middle of drafting this reflection I began to realize other aspects of “mom friendships,” (so stay tuned!) but for now I’m letting the focus fall on my recent answer from God – this revelation that if I stick with it, if I pour myself into others, love them, depend on and trust them, then  the future is going to be fantastic.

  2. June 22, 2014 at 6:33 am

    I had a lot on my plate…but who doesn’t?

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