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“When You Need To Whine About Things Going WrongA Friend Is Happy Just To

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“When you need to whine about things going wrong. When you need to moan about life’s little injustices. A friend is happy just to listen to your tales of woe. And finally when you’ve moaned your last moan, together you can laugh about it.”
Quote by Linda Macfarlane, B.1953

Linda Macfarlane

“I believe in friendship at first sight.”
Quote by Linda Macfarlane

I am a freelancer, blogger, social media person, very fond of movies and a born pet lover. I am proud to be a part of my family consisting of my parents, my younger brother and my elder brother and bhabhi (brother's wife). Came to discover wordpress and toil better ways of blogging and initiated it because of my father who is these days keen to blog on WordPress. Looking forward to meet great people here with a belief of B2B working with each other. Feel free to peer your way to connect with me. Thanks. "Spread love as this world is fussy and trust me life is too short to live fully."

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